Wedding packages

Easy as ABC 123

Step 1
Come to the store to pick start your wine. Making the wine only takes about 15 min and is incredibly easy!
Step 2
Wait 4-8 weeks for your wine to ferment.
Step 3
Come in to bottle your wine. Bring the wedding party to help out. It’s a lot of fun!
Pick your wine
– Everything between Amerone to Zinfandel
– Kits make April. 30 bottles (23 litres)
– We help you decide how many is needed and what wine will compliment your wedding menu.
Pick your bottles
Not just green or clear but many sizes and styles too!
Pick your labels
– Standard are simple and Sweet telling everyone what the wine is.
– Personalized labels get a bit more creative with any wording you would like. Many to choose from that will suit your special day.
– Personalized photographic labels add that extra flare and are as unique as you and your wedding day. Send us a photo and we will create an amazing label with as much or as little information as you would like.